“Sometime ago in 2007, when we were starting as an online entrepreneur and there was no paypal service yet in Manila, we had to look for somebody to help us on receiving the payments from the paypal platform. We searched here and there on different online forums and found a soul offering his help in this field.

Naturally, we were skeptical at first as we are already wounded here and there by people who can not be trusted with even small amounts of money, and since we just met online and just some email exchanges, there’s a good chance that we might get scammed. We know that it will either make or break our newly started online business, and especially since we have not known this person, we are not sure if he is true to his motives of helping us or not. But short of options, with our fingers crossed, we decided to trust and proceed anyway.

Looking back, now that we are already quite established as an online seller, we are highly indebted and can’t thank this man enough for the assistance he provided us on our early years. As for some good years our money from online sales that accumulates to thousands of dollars per transfer were channeled thru his account.

Trusting this person was one of the best business decisions I had ever made in my life. Thank you Dags Marasigan! There is so much hope in this world because of people like you, keep it up!” – Mario Saberola