About the pilot on Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It’s designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for skilled foreign workers who want to work and live in 1 of the participating communities.

We’re partnering with these communities to test new approaches to:

use immigration to help meet local labour market needs and support regional economic development
create welcoming environments to support new immigrants staying in rural communities

This pilot will help increase long-term retention of skilled newcomers to rural areas by working with:

community-based partners
other federal government partners
provincial and territorial governments

About the process
Skilled workers

As a candidate, you need to find a job with an employer in 1 of the participating communities.

If a community endorses you and you’re successful in applying for permanent residence, you’ll then move there to work and live.

The application process for eligible candidates will begin as early as fall 2019. We’ll provide more information at that time, including:

details about who can apply
what documents you need for your application

View the step-by-step guide (PDF, 1.85 MB) that shows how the complete application process will work. Final details will be provided in fall 2019.

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